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Published: 06th October 2009
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Guided Imagery Relaxation videos are some of the most effective meditation tools available in the market today. As a matter of fact, you can find many of these videos spread out throughout the internet for free.

However, you may already know that this can be quite a huge task to undergo considering the size of the internet, the amount of junk available on the internet, and the fact that we sometimes feel that we don't even have enough time for our jobs and families... let alone to go hunting for guided relaxation videos online too!

This is why I wrote this article. To make it easy on you and to bring the guided imagery relaxation videos to you. Quickly and easily in the form of a long list of Free Guided Meditation Videos including videos on relaxation, visualization and other related topics.

As the author of My Meditation Garden, a website I created with the busy professional, parent, and college student in mind, I have received lots of emails from people who are extremely stressed out and are looking for ways to decrease the anxiety in their lives. Let's face it we are living in very tough times both economically and socially, so it's easy to see how our anxiety levels can rise if we are not careful.

Following guided imagery relaxation videos is probably the easiest way that you can take out 5 to 10 minutes from your day to "escape". Let's call it a "mini-vacation" for your mind, body, and spirit. Did you know that meditating for just 5 minutes a day regularly can help you even lower you blood pressure?

A guided imagery relaxation video gives you the opportunity to give yourself those few minutes that you so very much deserve, to re-connect with yourself, and to re-charge your batteries for the rest of the day!

Go ahead and check out The Big List of Free Guided Meditation videos and follow the guided meditation videos for free ranging from tons of topics, and amounts of time. Make sure to leave a comment on the page too. I love to know my readers opinions on the videos and which are their favorites!

Sonia Gallagher is a recovering attorney who now publishes information on meditation in an easy to understand, plain English manner. After practicing in one of the most stressful professions in the US, she now shares her experience with everyone looking to find relaxation and tranquility through meditation. She has been following guided meditations along with binaural beats for quite some time and has had such a great experience using them that she created a Free Guide on Mixing Guided Meditations with Binaural Beats from Home for Free.

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